Yes, even ENT specialists who have patients on their books dealing with traumas affecting their throats for any number of exterior and damaging reasons, will be referring them to specialist and skilled prosthetics designers, manufacturers and applicators for treatment. No-one desires the loss of or absence of an ear or nose. But the reality is that it happens. The event is normally quite tragic and emotionally jarring for the patient.

Today, whether a child is born with a natural deformity or a man or woman has been visibly scarred through a grotesque and frightening road or fire accident, no-one needs to suffer. Indeed, doctors do not wish to see their patients endure ongoing traumas no longer necessary. This is because today, ear nose and throat specialists, and other specialists, can simply and gladly prescribe for them microtia treatment.

Microtia treatment, it goes without saying is a uniquely specialized form of prosthetics consultation and application. Encouragingly, the procedures required in general require no less than two visits to the prosthetics specialist. Also, the clinical environment is soothing and conducive to assisting the patient to rid him or herself from all emotional trauma. The microtia treatment process specifically requires the utilization of silicone which is not damaging to the patient.

Procedures are pain-free. Prosthetics are built with soft and durable silicone applications which are specifically built for long-term or permanent use. Interestingly, it is not just the medical specialists that are recommending this form of recuperative treatment to sufferers. Many referrals and reviews are being published across all mainstream media networks, including the popularly used social media networks.

Talk show hosts and famous medically-inclined TV personalities are also effective promoters of this medical practice.